Hocus Pocus – Easter magic

I think we need a little magic this Easter. I love starting a communion service with the words hocus pocus to get people thinking. Harry Houdini is perhaps the most famous magician of all time. In his biography, he suggests that the term hocus pocus is drawn from communion. The people understood that the priest … Continue reading Hocus Pocus – Easter magic

Terror to Hope

On Wednesday I was in London for work with the Alliance. During our board meeting, as we were praying for the UK, news of what was happening in Westminster started coming in. Terror to Hope video I had travelled to London from Northern Ireland. I was born and raised during the Troubles, a thirty year … Continue reading Terror to Hope

Abortion publicity stunt and how the ‘news’ is made

Today bpas (the ironically named British Pregnancy Advisory Service) announced that they were setting up a new phone line for women seeking help after they have taken abortion pills bought online. bpas sent out an embargoed press release 36 hours before the announcement. Various BBC news stations and other media news outlets began to get … Continue reading Abortion publicity stunt and how the ‘news’ is made

Tom Daley and Christian Voice

Others such as Archbishop Cranmer and David Robertson have written about the deeply unhelpful tweet by Christian Voice directed at Tom Daley. I wasn't going to post, but I don't think the responses above have got the tone and language, which is so important, quite right. I was reluctant to post for a number of reasons. First, I was … Continue reading Tom Daley and Christian Voice

Kingdom Politics – Why Scot McKnight is Wrong!*

We have had the real privilege of having Scot McKnight at New Horizon over the last week. I should make clear that I was one of the people who invited Scot and having read some of his many books knew I wouldn’t agree with everything he said. He has been incredibly generous with his time, … Continue reading Kingdom Politics – Why Scot McKnight is Wrong!*