Ashers on video

This is just a quick post to thank those who have read the posts about Ashers - my blog traffic has gone a bit crazy. I also wanted to link to a brief video I have done for those who don't like reading or who are looking for an easy resource to share or download … Continue reading Ashers on video


More Cake

I feel compelled to write more about the Ashers case because it could have serious ramifications that many people don't seem to have grasped. It isn't about a 'gay cake', in fact it has very little to do with sexuality or gay rights - the McArthurs who own Ashers did not know the sexual orientation … Continue reading More Cake

Are the Equality Commission Baking Mad?

The Equality Commission has decided to take Ashers Baking Company to court because it refused to make what has become known as 'the gay cake'. The Christian run bakery declined to make a cake supporting gay marriage because it was against the directors' religious beliefs. The decision to take the family business to court is … Continue reading Are the Equality Commission Baking Mad?