10 Myths about Marriage

Valentine's Day seemed an appropriate time to highlight research which dispels some common myths about marriage. Marriage works and the church still has a key role to play in weddings, at least in Northern Ireland. Top 10 myths about marriage: Young people aren’t interested in marriage. Myth - 89% of young people still want to … Continue reading 10 Myths about Marriage


Defamation, Damages and Dairylee Dunkers

RTE have apologised and paid out damages after a guest suggested those opposed to gay marriage were homophobic. And a school in England has expelled a six year old for repeated lunchbox violations. So what are, or should be, the limits on freedom - of speech and of parents to feed their child what they … Continue reading Defamation, Damages and Dairylee Dunkers

Attorney General questions Supreme Court ruling in Bull B&B case

The Attorney General appeared to challenge the correctness of the Supreme Court ruling in the case of the Bulls who refused a gay couple a double bed in their B&B. My final post on ‘The Church in the Public Square?’ event will look at some of the comments made by John Larkin. He is the … Continue reading Attorney General questions Supreme Court ruling in Bull B&B case